Photo by: Conor Luddy

Swifty swift

From the Kent area, have always been into the car scene, this is my swift project thread

1 year ago

Always use the best quality products for a quality finish- and a better lasting result! :)

1 year ago

Shiny paint work- hard graft but well worth the effort! And freshly blacked out grille

1 year ago

the SSS with the black mr2, and the eco turbo twingo at a meet!

1 year ago

My old place

1 year ago

SSS with the old black mr2 turbo import

1 year ago

jap style tow hook is the most recent addition, purple of course!

I had a custom exhaust system built for me by amd in lakeside (highly recommended)

K & G induction system which is great,

a few little additions of the Suzuki mud flaps,

lower profile tyres,

lowered all round by 45mm,

'Go faster' stickers on the rear ....

Blanked out front grille

Dewipered on the rear

I'll keep posted for more updates.. And better photos ASAP