Photo by: Conor Luddy

My Subaru Impreza Wrx version one

Version one Subaru impreza wrx, daily used car but also an on going project.

how she sits today

1 year ago

Well this is her today, still work to be done and I'll update and post pics as I go along.

further tweaks

1 year ago

I carried on with the changes, i fitted a blob sti intake scoop, a vortex generator, sti rear lights, a full sti interior, a nardi steering wheel with snap off boss kit, dragon gauge digial boost and volt gauges in a pillar pod, blue instrument lights, a juran front strut brace, the wheels got refurbed in white, Hid headlights, built in satnav, hella horns plus alot more, it was getting to be how i invisioned her. It even started to shine with plenty of elbow grease

started playing with the aesthetics

1 year ago

So after a few days I started playing with the looks of the car, slowly getting it closer to how I wanted it. I removed the quad headlights as I could barely see at night with them. I fitted the iconic Subaru high level spoiler, a jun front splitter plus many more parts

The original purchase

1 year ago

Well this was the car as i first bought her, pretty faded paintwork, pretty unloved, but had massive potential. The car was almost standard when i got her, with the exception of coilover suspension, a David Coe dump valve, induction setup and and an exhaust system. 240bhp standard.